Constitutions are usually designed to be enduring documents, their validity and intentions often spanning many generations. They significantly focus on general ideals, values and principles intended to guide particular decisions and actions that may present challenges not foreseen by the original authors. Specific events therefore often challenge assumptions and interpretations of constitutions in contexts and circumstances that may not have been anticipated at the time of the constitution’s original promulgation. It is at such times that amendments are made and a need for newer editions arises.

In the present document the amendments that have been incorporated were unique in the sense that they were proposed at the level of Central Executive Council and are being considered as the need of the hour.

In the development of the legal framework of these amendments I am thoroughly indebted to all the members of the Central Executive Council of the year 2004-5 who have helped in the drafting of these amendments. I am also thankful to
Dr. Nadeem Hafeez Butt who has helped in the preparation of manuscript and publication of our constitution as a first assignment as Executive Vice President.


01.02.2006 Prof. Nazeer Ashraf Laghari
Ophthalmological Society
of Pakistan (Centre)


Once again, it is my privilege to present the millennium issue of the constitution. Ophthalmology has progressed and proliferated tremendously in every field for the last 50 years. Similarly, our constitution has seen many significant changes during this period, in fact, with the passage of time it becomes necessary to remove any ambiguity arising in the constitution and to make it an up-to date document.

When two minds are involved, various view points are judged from adverse angles and this is always helpful to solve many intricate problems in-order to get useful results. At this juncture, consultation with colleagues from time to time is always fruitful, and a step in the right direction.

In view of this, a committee of senior doctors comprising
Dr. Haseeb Alam, Dr. Dil Muhammad Mirza, Prof, Shad Muhammad, Prof. N.A. Laghari, and Prof. Hamid Mahmood was constituted last year, who have jointly endeavored and removed all the bottlenecks to make it a pragmatic document, in preparation of this edition, I have also undertaken a thorough and careful revision of the whole text, judiciously pruning to make the constitution comprehensive and useful to the Society, highlighting every section and article properly.

I am highly indebted to our constitutional expert Dr. Haseeb Alam, for his encouragement and timely help for maintaining the beautiful yet simple style of the constitution.

Prof. M. Yasin Khan Durrani
Ophthalmological Society
of Pakistan (Centre)


Constitution and climate never remain the same for a long period of time. They are always undergoing constant changes. The same is true to the constitution of our Society. It has seen many changes since its inception in 1957 and nevertheless, it has been our sincerest efforts to bring the text up to date in a concrete form. In fact, constitution is not just an ordinary book, it is a sacred document. Too much and too often interference in its text spoils its pristine beauty However, the constitution should be allowed to develop and grow just as a child grows gradually, steadily and imperceptably.

Ophthalmology is a universal subject with equal importance for rich and poor, high and low. The light which illuminates the eye is a part of the light which Almighty Allah has given to this universe and all those who try to protect, preserve and promote this light are really entitled of his benevolence.

We can, perhaps, take a pride in mentioning our lead in the venture of publishing this Constitution. In this respect,
Dr. Jamshed Wania has been very kind to encourage me to undertake this difficult task while Prof. Brig. Nasim Ahmed has guided me through out, and made my job easy. I am highly indebted to all those colleagues especially the Executive Committee which has given me a stemming help to publish this Constitution for the first time as a concrete document.

31st Jan. 1988
Prof. M. Yasin Khan Durrani
General Secretary
Rawalpindi-Islamabad Branch