Instructions for Speakers

Instructions for Abstract / IC Submission

  • Last date for submission of abstracts is 30th Dec 2018. All selected speakers will be intimated by 15th Feb 2018.
  • Every speaker would have 7 min presentation. Kindly restrict yourself within the allotted time. Refrain from theoretical knowledge and present your data/work experience only.
  • All speakers must disclose any financial interest related to their presentation.
  • No speaker shall be allowed to use their own computers in the hall for presentation. All speakers must ensure transfer of their presentations at the preview room before their session.
  • Format of E-posters will be sent to presenters selected for that purpose.
  • Presenters selected for postgraduate session will have 5 min presentation each. Marking criteria will be disseminated to all selected speakers.
  • Scientific Committee OSP Federal shall be the final authority to accept / modify all selected papers / posters / IC / Subspecialty sessions.

*Acceptance of submitted paper/IC does not guarantee travel expenses, free accommodation or free registration. All Speakers must arrange their own accommodation at Bhurban and registration.


Instructions for Panel Discussions

  • To tackle the controversies in modern day ophthalmology, panel discussions in all sub-specialties will be held.
  • The panel will be pre-assigned the topics / questions to be covered. These shall be disseminated to all registered delegates so that they can participate / share their views and experiences.
  • Questions for panel discussion shall be formulated by the moderator of the session and shared with all panel members.
  • In case of consensus, the conclusions of the topics under discussion shall be published in the form of a booklet for future guidance.
  • Active participation of the audience shall be encouraged.
  • Panel members can use multimedia to show their data / pictures / videos during discussion

Sample of E Poster Submission

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To upload your presentations, please email it to