President OSP Center

Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan was founded 50 years ago in the historical city of Lahore with the mission to improve the professional skills of its members, to encourage its members to conduct meaningful research and provide quality eye care to the public.To improve the professional skills of its members the society regularly holds an annual congress which rotates among the provincial capitals. Similarly individual branches also hold their regional meetings. The society also facilitates its members to attend conferences and other educational activities in foreign countries.

Society gives great importance to research. It has established Research and Education foundations. Society publishes its own quarterly journal which is duly recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental council. Members of the society also regularly publish research articles in other national and international journals.

At the time of establishment of the society more than 80% of the districts had no district ophthalmologist. Eye care services were restricted to the main urban centers. Thus majority of the population living in the rural areas had no access to eye care services. The prevalence of blindness was more than 3%. The society and its members took the herculean task of extending eye care to the masses in rural centers and reducing the prevalence of blindness to acceptable level. The society has now more than 2500 members. Apart from main tertiary centers most of the secondary centers have been upgraded comprehensively by the government and our international partners and staffed by the ophthalmologists and ophthalmic paramedics. It was through the hard and dedicated efforts of the members of the society that the prevalence of blindness has reduce to 0.9%, which is a big achievement by any standard.

Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt
President OSP Centre